We provide evidence-based research and analysis that define the scope, opportunity and impact that your innovation will have on the market thereby allowing you to develop smarter sustainability plans for your innovation.


We provide you with insights to help you in assessing risks throughout the product development cycle and offer potential solutions that you can employ to mitigate them and successfully launch your innovation.


Information feedback to the project partners offers an opportunity for the innovators to make valuable adjustments to the product design as need be.


At this stage our monitoring and evaluation working hand in hand with our technical team being the work of data collection, analysis and reporting. We have structured modes of reporting that enrich the feedback given to our partners on their…Let Us TalkMONITOR AND EVALUATE


Once we have a clear view of what a project requires; our technical team will install the prototype at a site that our team and the innovator agree would provide a good testing ground and provide valuable data to help…Let Us TalkTEST


We will share with the innovators potential test sites from our network of potential end users and site owners where the innovation is to be tested on a real time basis.


We design customer focused testing strategy based on the concept shared, targeted end users and product expected performance parameters. Our strategic approach to testing greatly relies on information acquired on the first step-DISCOVERY.


Our technical team led by the project manager takes time to understand our innovative partner’s thoughts and imaginations about what their innovation is intended to solve. In order to create value-adding testing protocols, we need to understand the prototype design…Let Us TalkDISCOVERY