About Us

Kijani’s Story

Kijani Testing Limited is a Kenyan start-up that focuses on providing field trials and market testing services to renewable energy, off-grid appliances and equipment meant to positively impact the lives of potential users.

Our role as a test partner is to ensure that all components of your innovation are properly integrated and function together. It is for this reason that, we feel proud in being a player in the innovation space by helping innovators fine-tune their innovative designs to meet potential partners’ expectations whilst increasing chances of product success upon launching.

Our inspiration comes from the work we do with our partners in the field, the data we collect, the analysis we perform on this data, and the information we generate to enrich our partners’ projects

Who is our target?

Kijani Testing Limited is looking to partner with start-ups working in the clean and renewable energy space, research and learning institutions including universities and technical institutions researching and innovating on potential life changing products and services.

We will also work with early to mid-stage innovations that are yet to hit the market or are already in the market and are open to improvements.

Who We Are

We are specialists in lab testing, field testing, monitoring & evaluation, solar backup installation, water pump installation, after-sale technical support, and e-waste collection and sorting.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive product validation services with a focus on customer feedback for emerging sustainable technologies in East Africa

What We Do

Our experienced team provides the time and resource you don’t have to get your innovation to the next stage.

What We Test For..

We collect both quantitative and qualitative data in controlled and uncontrolled environments to allow us to access the following:

  1. Product Safety Test- Real time feedback from potential end users on the safety credentials of your innovation.
  2. Product Functionality Test- information of the inter-relationship between your product components and user friendliness.
  3. Product Performance Test- Ability to deliver to prescribed standards.
  4. Product Market Test- Information on the potential of your product succeeding in the Kenyan Market
  5. Cost Analysis- Information on the possible inputs for utilization during product development to make your product more pocket friendly whilst maintaining the set performance parameters.

Our Partners