Our Services

Our Background

Kijani Testing Limited is a Kenyan start-up that focuses on providing field trials, market testing services and aftersales technical support services for off-grid appliances and equipment meant to positively impact the lives of potential users.

Our services are broken down as follows:

Product Testing…

Field And Market Testing

Conducting market research, prototyping, piloting, field tests, market tests and advising innovators on key end users’ thoughts and possible design modifications that could enhance acceptability upon launching. We focus on training our clients to embrace customer-centric practices in all their processes to deliver impact while growing their sales. Options to explore local manufacturing partners and by connecting them with distribution partners with the target of commercializing new technologies are included depending on our customers’ preferences.Our team of seasoned professionals, renowned for their expertise in laboratory testing, conducts thorough analysis, providing reliable and precise results for your product’s development process.

Lab Testing

Using our rapid product assessment (RPA) procedure that is jointly developed by our partners, CLASP and Verasol. The goal for these tests is to allow for product analysis and verification of manufacturers’ claims about their product performance and comparisons to how the product performs compared to similar products in the market. This provides transparency to end users looking to purchase new products and suppliers looking to add new product lines. The RPA tests also include international and national requirements for product performance where products that do not meet these standards are flagged. Our Laboratory is currently implementing with the aim of getting the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

Technical Support Services…

Installation Of Solar Systems

We provide expert solar backup and solar water pump installation services, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency. With the support of our qualified and certified staff members, backed with EPRA certifications and licenses, we prioritize tailored solar solutions that guarantee reliable and convenient energy access. Join us in our commitment to a sustainable future, powered by our cutting-edge solar technology and dedicated expertise.

Aftersale support

We offer maintenance, repairs, and aftersale support to manufacturers, distributors, and end users of clean technologies. Many investors, innovators, manufacturers are interested in getting their products to market and hit sales targets, but little attention is paid to product failure that is bound to happen over time and how this affects customer experience. 

E- Waste Management.

Monitoring, evaluation, and Learning.

Market Analysis

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of the Kenyan market, our organization is committed to unraveling its intricacies and uncovering valuable insights. Through meticulous market analysis, we delve into consumer behaviors, emerging trends, and the pulse of the market. Our services extend beyond numbers and graphs; we provide a narrative that guides our partners towards successful market penetration strategies. From understanding the perfect product-market fit to dissecting cost dynamics, we aim to be your compass in navigating the dynamic landscape of the Kenyan market.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Our team is dedicated to assessing the impact and effectiveness of initiatives across Kenya. Through rigorous studies and evaluations, we bring to light the stories behind the data, painting a comprehensive picture of success and areas for improvement. Our approach goes beyond numbers; we believe in the power of narratives backed by data, empowering our partners to make informed decisions and drive meaningful, sustainable change in the Kenyan context.

Our Approach

  • Step 1


    Our technical team led by the project manager takes time to understand our innovative partner’s thoughts and imaginations about what their innovation is intended to solve. In order to create value-adding testing protocols, we need to understand the prototype design very well.

  • Step 2


    We design customer focused testing strategy based on the concept shared, targeted end users and product expected performance parameters. Our strategic approach to testing greatly relies on information acquired on the first step-DISCOVERY.

  • Step 3


    We will share with the innovators potential test sites from our network of potential end users and site owners where the innovation is to be tested on a real time basis.

  • Step 4


    Once we have a clear view of what a project requires; our technical team will install the prototype at a site that our team and the innovator agree would provide a good testing ground and provide valuable data to help analyze the innovation. We rely on internationally accepted testing standards and experience to guide the…Read More

  • Step 5


    At this stage our monitoring and evaluation working hand in hand with our technical team being the work of data collection, analysis and reporting. We have structured modes of reporting that enrich the feedback given to our partners on their project performance.

  • Step 6


    Information feedback to the project partners offers an opportunity for the innovators to make valuable adjustments to the product design as need be.

  • Step 7


    We provide you with insights to help you in assessing risks throughout the product development cycle and offer potential solutions that you can employ to mitigate them and successfully launch your innovation.

  • Step 8


    We provide evidence-based research and analysis that define the scope, opportunity and impact that your innovation will have on the market thereby allowing you to develop smarter sustainability plans for your innovation.


The Kijani Testing team understand the renewable energy space very well, the needs of rural customers in Kenya, and are clearly passionate about how new technology can improve the lives of rural populations. They are very efficient at completing the projects and required minimal support and guidance. Overall, they were very streamlined engagements that generated high quality products.

Dr. Harjit Singh

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences Brunel University London

Agsol has engaged Kijani Testing on two occasions to provide M&E services for our pilot projects of solar milling machinery. They were very efficient at completing the projects and required minimal support and guidance. They  understood our needs very quickly, knew the energy-agri space very well, understood the needs of rural customers in Kenya, and are clearly passionate about how new technology can improve the lives of rural populations.

Matthew Carr

CEO and Co-founder Agsol Kenya Ltd

“Measuring and testing product quality accurately and reliably is essential for various testing and quality assurance program that CLASP manages. Kijani Testing is a partner that we trust to produce high-quality test results. Leveraging extensive and valuable field experience and testing expertise, Kijani team works smartly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to generate tremendous insights on egg incubator performance and quality. It is truly a pleasure to work with the Kijani team!”

Elisa Lai

Manager, Clean Energy Access- CLASP

Kijani Testing have a highly capable team who are reassuringly responsive and adapt quickly to the inherently unpredictable needs of research and development projects. Kijani Testing also offers an invaluable network and depth of experience that has proven invaluable during our development and trialing of our new and upcoming Impact Pump products

Cai Williams

Senior Engineer, Thermofluidics

‘’You can test something a million and one ways under test conditions in a lab, but nothing beats getting a product out in the field with customers to truly discover its flaws and successes. The Kijani testing base in Kenya allows us to continuously field-test new products and designs without the stress and hassle of having to arrange and set up the testing network ourselves.”

Helen Davies

Marketing & Communications Manager, Futurepump LTD.

Let’s make awesome things, together.